Welcome To The Club!

  • When you become a member, we make sure we get to know you and your business. During the on-boarding phase*, we have a one-on-one session that can last from 60 - 90 minutes, over one or two sessions.
  • Some of our onboarding and system setup items include:
    • A "Get Started" Discovery Session, Onboarding Guide, Checklists and Tutorial Videos
    • Facebook (FB):
      • FB page critique
      • Setup: business manager
      • Setup: ads manager
      • Access / Install: Pixel
    • Acquire images / videos
    • Review campaign concepts and special offers for ads

* Note: Onboarding fee is deferred during trial period.

It's OK To Pause!

  • We understand that business fluctuates. Your business may be seasonal, you might take time off, you may focus on other marketing tactics, or maybe you have more customer leads than you can manage!
  • Instead of cancelling your membership, we recommend you switch to our "Pause Plan" if you anticipate restarting your ad campaigns again within 10 months.
  • For $50.00 per month, you can avoid a restart fee by selecting our "Pause Plan."
  • Bonus Features:
    • Maintain your ClearPath Ads Club™ 19% discount for your "CLUB 2019" Program,
    • Retain access to your Member Plan discount on any a-la-carte services.

Welcome Back!

  • You've decided to come back to the ClearPath Ads Club™ ... we're happy to have you in the Club again!
  • Because you had to cancel your membership (less than 12 months ago), you will need to restart a new Plan with a $500.00 charge. This is in lieu of the full-priced onboarding fee you were charged when you first started as a Club Member.
  • You have the choice to cancel and restart your Membership anytime, however, in the future, may we suggest using our "Pause Plan" if you anticipate restarting again within 10 months.
  • Fine Print: You will incur the full-price, onboarding fee if 13 months or more has passed since your membership cancellation. If you cancel your membership, you lose all your discounts and perks.

Up to a 30% DISCOUNT for ClearPath Ads Club™ Members

Up to a 30% DISCOUNT for ClearPath Ads Club™ Members